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New Design Sneak Preview 2

WOW! We’ve been floored by the number of positive responses and participation from consumers to write short “tweet” like car reviews for our upcoming website. We’ve only been requesting the car review submissions for a couple of weeks and we have already received hundreds of submissions. Read More »


Hummer HX – Will They Build It?

With the future of the Hummer brand uncertain, the much anticipated Hummer HX is now teetering between seeing production and not. Being a Jeep man myself, this is actually one vehicle I would like to see created to compete with the new Jeeps. I love the HX as is… (well, maybe some cup holders and hybrid like features would be good), and I love the small details and nice touches that have been put into the concept – but will GM or cheap with the production model? I guess only time will tell… but this is one vehicle I’m actually looking forward to owning. Read More »