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EasyAutoSales at SXSWi 2010

Click Here to be part of a growing community of over 1000 cars now with custom made aero by E-Wing Aero Designs. Read More »


GMC – Is It Brand Loyalty?

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Shanghai Girl’s Chevrolet Captiva Tows Tow-Truck

Sometimes you get thrown into a situation that is no win, despite your innocense. Parking tickets are often one of these things (especially if you have EVER parked on a college campus). One Shanghai resident decided to fight back and the following hyjinx ensued: Read More »


Which Hybrid/Electric Is Best?

With the plethora of new cars scheduled for release and currently on the market, it begs the question, what car would you actually spend your hard-earned money on? Sure, the economy is making it rough for people to purchase new cars with the severely reduced liquidity, but with the savings these cars could potentially produce each month, these cars might just be in the cards for some of you, assuming they meet production schedules. The options vary from entry level hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius (starting at $22,000) to the ultra chic Fisker Karma luxury sedan ($80,000). Let’s give a quick run-down of the cars before you vote (we want informed voters after-all): Read More »