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Tag Archives: fuel efficient cars


So Electric and Sexy IS Possible in One Car

lightning car unwrapped London Read More »


VW’s One-Liter Concept Car Gets Whopping 235MPG

Weighing just 660lbs (the current average car is around 3500lbs) and with a drag coefficient of .16 (current average of around .30), the VW One-Liter Concept Car takes just 1L of gasoline to move 100km. This converts into 235MPG. Read More »


Automotive X-Prize Entry Yeilds 80MPG, 400HP Fox Body Mustang

The Ansari X-Prize is a privately sponsored contest centered around various technological tasks that could change the way we as humans live every day. The first, and largest prize, was a putting an aircraft into low earth orbit and bringing it back to Earth without any need for disposable parts that our current Space Shuttle uses. Burt Rattan (creator of the “Voyager” airplane that made it around the world on a tank of fuel) and his SpaceShipOne won the $10,000,000 prize. Read More »


Top Gear Returns!!!

For those of you who watch Top Gear (perhaps the single most watched TV show around the world), the seasons seem to sporadically come and go due to the creative nature of the television show and the fact that the producers and hosts don’t want to water the show down by “just getting episodes made and shipped out”. So, though it’s been quite a few months, the first episode of Season 11 aired yesterday on BBC television. If you don’t live where the BBC are all your primary channels, there are various sites on the internet (YouTube) to view the episodes. Read More »


Increased Gas Prices Lead to Fuel Surcharges on Traffic Citations

As a local to the Atlanta area, stories like this make me take heed about which towns and cities I drive through when roving the city. In an inevitable turn, the city of Holly Springs, GA has instituted a fuel surcharge onto traffic citations, citing the increased cost of patrolling. Each ticket will see an additional $12 increase for the $3.99+ a gallon fuel costs. Read More »