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Gas Saving Tips on Guidespot

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Increased Gas Prices Lead to Fuel Surcharges on Traffic Citations

As a local to the Atlanta area, stories like this make me take heed about which towns and cities I drive through when roving the city. In an inevitable turn, the city of Holly Springs, GA has instituted a fuel surcharge onto traffic citations, citing the increased cost of patrolling. Each ticket will see an additional $12 increase for the $3.99+ a gallon fuel costs. Read More »


The Car Buying Industry: 5 Reasons to Look Beyond Gas Prices

Despite the fact that gas prices are through the roof, the value of SUVs is dropping fast, and Detroit may be experiencing more job cuts in the near future, there are reasons to feel good about the car buying industry when looking for a new ford escape SUV. Here are 5 reasons to look beyond the climbing gas prices: Read More »