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Everything Must Go! No, really. We’re serious!

How desperate are some dealers in this time of crisis? How about half price cars? It may sound silly, but that’s what Pohanka Chrysler-Dodge has to do in the next week to empty out their inventory according to CNN. On June 9, Pohanka’s franchise to sell new Chryslers and Dodges will be terminated, along with those of almost 800 other Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealers nationwide. Ray O’Bryhim, the owner,  cannot legally sell any new cars he has left after June 9 — and because the manufacturer is in bankruptcy protection it isn’t obligated to take them back. Hundreds of dealers are in the same place as them. It sounds like some cheap commercial, but EVERY car really must go by the time June 9th comes around. Ever car that isn’t is lost money. Read More »


Hemi-Powered Jeep: Upside-Down Jeeps Unite!

 In what’s sure to be a license to use those “If You Can Read This, Turn Me Over” we so often see on Jeep Wranglers, American Expedition Vehicles (or AEV) will be showing off their 5.7L Hemi-swapped Wrangler at this year’s SEMA show. Outfitted with a full conversion, Flowmaster exhaust (to make sure everyone knows, yes, it has a HEMI), a 3-inch lift kit by Nth Degree and 35-inch BFG tires, this Jeep means business and is ready to rock crawl wherever and whenever you want. Though I’ve always been more of a sports-car guy than an off-roader, there’s nothing like taking a big engine and shoving it into a small car. Read More »