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NADA 2009 – Most Compelling Booth: Ford

There were a lot of very compelling booths at NADA. Aspen Marketing had an excellent setup with a number of Playboy Bunnies out front. DealerTrack, and a few others had huge booths and were running some excellent seminars right on the floor of the expo. Even VW had some great cars on the floor and some VERY helpful members of the VW team that couldn’t be more helpful. However, one booth stood above the rest in my eyes and it was that of Ford Motors. Due to the sheer size of Ford, their booth had a number of sections that dealt with cars, service, Work Solutions, car financing and a number of other jobs they do. On every front, the booth was alive and kicking. Every Ford representative was busy talking with someone. They were all smiling, everyone was happy, it was relaxed but you could tell dealers and 3rd party ventors were all enjoying and learning the Ford experiance. From talking to the representatives to trying the F-150 “Raptor” simulator, I felt as though Ford “got it.” Read More »


Bailout Blues: The Big 3’s Shock Therapy

With the recent approval of a House bill to provide $14 billion, the Senate remains in question as to whether the American auto makers will get their BAILOUT anytime this week. With this money comes the inevitability of Federal oversight in the guise of a “car czar” that would handle how the money is spent. Another possible action is the immediate removal of the Big 3 CEOs to introduce some fresh blood. Despite the constant reinforcement of many car people like Lee Iaccoca, I have come to the conclusion that infusion of new CEOs into the American auto industry is probably the best thing that could happen. This conclusion hasn’t been rash as I’m completely against the bailout. Why should the Federal government pick winners and losers? Adam Smiths “Invisible Hand” has worked pretty well in cleaning out the failures of inept (ex. Enron, Delta, Adelphia and others) and despite the inevitable financial pain, the economic principals of “shock therapy” have proven themselves time and time again to be true. Suffer in the short term instead of languishing for the next 10-15 years with constant pain. Simply put, the quicker you get to the bottom, the sooner you’ll start to see growth again. So, with my complete support of letting the Big 3 suffer, how can I be for ousting Wagoner, Nardelli and Mulally? Read More »