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What Ever Happened To: Top Gear Australia?

The simple answer is that everyone is waiting for the original intently and Top Gear Australia (TG:AU) was just a stop gap to keep people a little less disgruntaled about having to wait so long or Top Gear (TG:TOS to use a Star Trek term). But it brings up a great question as to why TG:AU had a steadily declining number of viewers yet TG:TOS and even Fifth Gear (FG) have kept a great number of viewers and even slightly increased their number despite being around for 12 seasons (with the new format). Much can be said about the repeat of cars reviewed as compared to the original series. Many have complained that both the track is inadequate (the original track was designed and used as a test track by Lotus Cars which gives it as much street-cred as any track in the world) and Stig isn’t driving in as consistant a manner as the Stig(s) that run around the runway at Dunsfold Park, in Surrey, England. Read More »


Improptu Car of the Day – 2006 Ford GT

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Adam Carolla Top Gear Q&A: Exclusive Specs on NBC Car Show

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Top Gear Returns!!!

For those of you who watch Top Gear (perhaps the single most watched TV show around the world), the seasons seem to sporadically come and go due to the creative nature of the television show and the fact that the producers and hosts don’t want to water the show down by “just getting episodes made and shipped out”. So, though it’s been quite a few months, the first episode of Season 11 aired yesterday on BBC television. If you don’t live where the BBC are all your primary channels, there are various sites on the internet (YouTube) to view the episodes. Read More »