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Surviving Twitter – the First 100 Days

If you spend any time on the web, you probably recognize the words Twitter and tweeting. With millions of users on this service, it is now the second most popular social media medium after Facebook. While many businesses have tried to jump in and broadcast specials, many have failed to garner attention which results in them failing to see the value of the service. So how does one succeed in getting value out of Twitter? Read More »


iPad Creates Marketing Spam

Hold on to your marketing dollars dealers cause the next few months are going to be a bumpy ride! With Apple’s release of the iPad a week ago, we are already seeing a number of early adopters jump in to grab this device without really understanding its full purpose. (Note: I myself picked up an iPad on Friday, but I can’t say I love it for anything in particular just yet.) Read More »


Your Dealership and Social Media

Social media is the next big thing on the internet but many dealers are dropping the ball on taking advantage of it. Social media is not just about brands such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube but rather how these platforms are changing the way customers are communicating with businesses and each other. If you are still not convinced investing in social media is the right thing to do, check out the following video. Read More »