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Interior Pictures – Why Your Dealership NEEDS Them!

The time has finally come. My family is about to welcome our first new addition! It’s an exciting time for an about-to-be parent and as I’m sure many of you can relate – trying to get the house ready, rethinking your vehicle and learning about everything you will need to know for the next few years can be a very hectic time. Read More »


Dealer Closing Represents New Opportunities

Dont Let Your Dealer Go Up In Smoke!

Don’t Let Your Dealer Go Up In Smoke! Protect Your Assets by Going Back to Basics!

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WhyBuyUsedCars Interviews EasyAutoSales CEO

Eric Miltsch from conducted an interview with our CEO Wei Yang.  Wei provides some great information about the vision of EasyAutoSales, as well as some fascinating insight into the future of the automotive industry, and buying and selling new and used cars online.  Here’s a quick snippet from the interview: Read More »


Improptu Car of the Day – 2006 Ford GT

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BMW Understands Its Core Customers

I gotta give it to BMW for understanding its core customers.  A sexy ad indeed.
best BMW ad ever!