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Top Gear Returns!!!

For those of you who watch Top Gear (perhaps the single most watched TV show around the world), the seasons seem to sporadically come and go due to the creative nature of the television show and the fact that the producers and hosts don’t want to water the show down by “just getting episodes made and shipped out”. So, though it’s been quite a few months, the first episode of Season 11 aired yesterday on BBC television. If you don’t live where the BBC are all your primary channels, there are various sites on the internet (YouTube) to view the episodes.

As for a quick rundown of the episode, the most notable bits were filling up half a dozen super cars (Audi R8, Aston Vanquish, and a few others) with a gallon of gas and racing to see who was the most fuel efficient. Another race between a new BMW M3 and a Toyota Prius showed the M3 to be a more efficient vehicle when driven around a track at the same speeds. The 3 hosts were tasked with creating a “better, cheaper” police car for the average bobby and a few other standard bits rounded the episode out with a strong, albeit lacking first episode. The preview of this season did show some particularly exciting episodes which should be on par with previous seasons.

Source: FinalGear