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Top Gear – Season 12 Coming in Less Than Two Weeks!

Anyone who’s a petrolhead or even read a car blog on the web knows all about Top Gear. What more can be said than Season 12 is coming upon us November 2nd. Check out the preview video below and after the video you can check some of what you saw in text form…

* Veritas RS III – There’s been a lot of video of this car captured at the Nurburgring
* Stig in a Bugatti Veyron – Perhaps we’ll finally get a timed lap of the Top Gear Test Track
* Lamborghini Gallardo – Doesn’t get any less beautiful
* Speedboat driving – What car will they compare this to? Probably another Pagani.
* Double decker bus racing – ’nuff said.
*Semi truck foolishness – More Mass = More Damage = More Clarkson Chaos. You can find trucks for sale to help you in the madness.
* Pagoni Zonda – See the speedboat
* Corvette ZR1 – Another Corvette Clarkson Will Love
* Cadillac CTS-V – In America with the Challenger
* Dodge Challenger SRT8 – See Above
* Reno shenanigans – Ditto
* Mercedes Benz C63 AMG – Still Racus. Still Hot.
* Lexus IS-F – Fifth Gear Did It with a Lexus for lease car