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Top Gear USA – First Filming A Success

Many of you Top Gear fanatics (as well as myself) have been fretting over the eventual quality of a USA based Top Gear due to the show’s financial backing (in the UK, the Government [through the BBC] funds the show which gives them freedom to be honest about cars on the show that might otherwise be part of the show’s advertising base). However, this past weekend, the first filming of Top Gear USA seems to have been a great success. Though many have complained about the guests (Howie Mandel and Mel B), I think Howie was a great choice due to his current popularity with Deal, No Deal. Whereas I do hope they will branch outside of NBC shows, it’s a solid start to get people to watch who might not normally tune in.

It also seems that Adam Carolla was in fact a great choice, by many who were at the first taping. Whereas Jeremy Clarkson and the British crew work off a script, Adam does about 90% improv which really got the crowd chuckling. The other two hosts haven’t come into their own yet, but the chemistry is there and it’s starting. With a few more shows under their belt, most feel they will be a great team.

Though the first show may not be used as the actual pilot on NBC, producer Andy Wilman said it will in fact be used at some point, much to his surprise. One guest who got to talk with Andy stated, “One interesting thing that Andy said was before the tapping he didn’t think that this show was going to be broadcastable, just because the guys needed more time to get in a grove, but after the show he was really excited and said that he would probably use the show, but just not as the series premier but as a later episode.” Some say the shows pilot will air online at some point. Some say we may see it on the local bittorrent sites before the end of the year. All we know is that the first episode is slated to air sometime in January.