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Toyota F1 + Batmobile = The Dark Knight Promotion

What’s cooler than 18 open wheel race cars gunning around Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit at over 150MPH? Nothing. However, the GM built Batmobile used in both Christian Bale versions of Batman surely comes darn close. Known as “the Tumbler”, the car was first seen in Batman Begins. At 9 feet wide and 15 feet long, the 2.5 ton vehicle is almost the same length and width of an F1 car, though it’s almost twice as tall and twice as heavy. Thanks to a GM sourced 350 cubic inch V8 sporting approximately 550HP, it is still capable of 0-60MPH in under six seconds with a top speed of 110MPH. Thanks to its unique design, it is also capable of making unassisted jumps up to 30 feet. Back tires are 44″ swamp tires that can be found at any local tire dealers.

Similar to 2005’s Superman Returns theme Red Bull cars, Toyota cars and drivers will be sporting special Dark Knight race suits and, should they score a podium finish, are required to wear black capes (because F1 race suits aren’t cool enough already). Over the course of the weekend, the Toyota TF108 will take to the track with the “Tumblr” as well as various displays of other Bat related technologies. My question is, with all this great Batman tech, are they going to chase the joker out of F1? Source: AutoBlog