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VW’s One-Liter Concept Car Gets Whopping 235MPG

Weighing just 660lbs (the current average car is around 3500lbs) and with a drag coefficient of .16 (current average of around .30), the VW One-Liter Concept Car takes just 1L of gasoline to move 100km. This converts into 235MPG.

The two passenger car has anti-lock brakes, square tube bender, stability control and airbags. According to the magazine Canadian Driver, “Volkswagen says the One-Liter Car is as safe as a GT sports car registered for racing. With the aid of computer crash simulations, the car was designed with built-in crash tubes, pressure sensors for airbag control and front crumple zones.”

The car will be sold in limited production as early as 2010. Originally slated for 2012, the dramatic cost drop of carbon fiber in the past few years has brought the car into economic feasibility (about $55,000) much sooner than anticipated. As a daily commuter car, I can’t think of something more reasonable and practical, yet still novel and pretty cool!

Source: Wired