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Westward Young Men! (NADA 2009)

NADA 2009 New Orleans, LA

NADA 2009 New Orleans, LA

Wei Yang and I are currently on our way to NADA 2009 in New Orleans, LA. It’s only a 7 hour trip from Atlanta, so in the time honored fashion of our “Big 3” brethren, we are road-tripping in Wei’s 2009 Honda Fit (no plans. no hybrids though). Wei and I believe we have a really exciting service and we want to share it with the rest of the automotive community. If you are a dealer, dealer vendor or anyone who just loves the site, please search us out. We’ll be the geeky guys with our laptops and iPhones. Pictures will follow.

If you have twitter, follow us at randallprince or wei_yang and drop us a line. You can also follow all the NADA twitterness @ We’d love to meet as many people as we can and share the car love in this time of uncertanty in the automotive industry.