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WhyBuyUsedCars Interviews EasyAutoSales CEO

Eric Miltsch from conducted an interview with our CEO Wei Yang.  Wei provides some great information about the vision of EasyAutoSales, as well as some fascinating insight into the future of the automotive industry, and buying and selling new and used cars online.  Here’s a quick snippet from the interview:

WBUC: What are some of the trends you see happening within the automotive retail industry?

WY: As more people rely on the internet for research, I believe the rest of the retail auto industry (small & medium sized dealers) will catch up by establishing a web presence to sell like used cars ottawa who earned their customers loyalty with time, so they too, can be in front of the customers when they’re ready to buy. I’m personally hoping that sites with crazy scripts and virtual assistants will go away in exchange for more useful, and user friendly sites. Flash is only cool the first time you see it, afterwards it’s just another barrier between you and the users.

Hopefully within a couple of years every dealership out there will at least have an internet connection on site and hopefully they will all pay attention to their online leads.
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  • Wei

    Oldie but goodie.

  • Wei,

    Lots of new stuff happening our worlds – let me know when you want to do a follow up interview & talk things up some more!