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You Can Now Sell on Twitter with 1-Click!

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about Twitter. It’s no wonder with all the press, Twitter usage has jumped from 14 million users into 24+ million users in just a few months.

With all the buzz, it’s no surprise that a couple of classified services have also popped up on Twitter during this time. (e.g. ilist and tweba to name a couple) While Twitter is mostly used for conversations, many users on Twitter have also been selling items and asking friends to help them find good deals.

Because word-of-mouth sales and referrals is key on this particular platform, we have designed and completed our integration with Twitter so that it would be effective without being spammy. The 1-click submit is setup to work with a number of marketplaces currently on Twitter via #hashtags and our own tests have shown very positive responses from occasional postings.


As a seller, you can now test this feature in your EasyAutoSales and Twitter accounts.  Simply log in to your admin console and click on the Twitter icon next to the vehicle and submit your posting via Twitter’s web interface.

EasyAutoSales seller console

Once submitted, the classified services on Twitter will contact you within a couple of minutes with potential buyers that have expressed interest in similar vehicles in the past.


As more and more users turn to Twitter for these services, these small but quick interactions should help increase your dealership’s online presence and create more foot traffic in your stores.  Log in and check it out!  We would love to get your feedback on the new feature.